a Benchmark on the Aerodynamics of a Rectangular 5:1 Cylinder


a Benchmark on the Aerodynamics of a Rectangular 5:1 Cylinder

In the following, you can find some major milestones of the BARC past activities. To be updated in the next future!

February 2021 - MYOC BARC webApp online

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12 years later BARC launching, a new web app is available to collect, postprocess and compare the large amount of scientific results obtained by the international community on the BARC flow. BARC-MYOC (Make Your Own Comparison) is available here.

Enjoy using it!

June 2020 - BARC new website online

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On the occasion of the new ANIV website, also BARC renews its one.
The new web site is full Open Access, with no longer a credential-based member area.
Docs and Data section are enriched, and a web-based BARC-MYOC App (Make Your Own Comparison) included to quickly postprocess results from previous contributes, and compare them with new results.
A special thanks to the Executive Board of the International Association for Wind Engineering, headed by Y. Tamura, that supported BARC dissemination activities in 2014.

May 2014 - BARC in ERCOFTAC Wiki

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BARC enters as Silver content among the Underlying Flow Regimes (UFR_2-15) in the ERCOFTAC Knowledge Base Wiki

A great recognition from the widest and most renewed European research community in turbulence and combustion.

A great contribution by ERCOFTAC to boost BARC dissemination.

A special thanks to Wolfgang Rodi, ETCOFTAC delegate in the BARC Scientific committee, who made this possible.


January 2014 - BARC overview published on JWEIA

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Bruno, L., Salvetti, M. V., & Ricciardelli, F. (2014). Benchmark on the aerodynamics of a rectangular 5:1 cylinder: An overview after the first four years of activity. JWEIA126, 87–106.


An outline of the state of the art on the aerodynamics of 5:1 rectangular cylinders prior to BARC, and a summary of the results obtained by the contributors during the first four years of activity. About 70 realizations of the BARC flow in both wind tunnel experiments and numerical simulations.

A special thanks to all BARC participants, and JWEIA editor and anonymous reviewers, who made this possible.

Updated statistics at:



You can download the pre-print version of the overview paper here

July 2011 - BARC at ICWE13 – Amsterdam

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BARC Thematic Session at 13th International Conference on Wind Engineering, in the wake of the ones at EACWE5, and CWE2010. The session hosts 9 papers.




BARC Young Authors Award remitted to:

  • André F. P. Ribeiro for his study “Unsteady RANS modelling of flow past a rectangular 5:1 cylinder: investigation of edge sharpness effects”;
  • Okke Bronkhorst for his study “Unsteady pressure measurements on a 5:1 rectangular cylinder”.

March 2009 - BARC website online

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A special thanks to V. Gusella, at the time president of ANIV, and M. Gioffrè, designer and administrator of the site, who made this possible.

July 2008 - BARC kickoff at BBAA VI – Milan

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BARC is presented at 6th International Colloquium on

Bluff Body Aerodynamics & Applications

The BARC presentation is complemented by announcements on JWEIA, JFS, C&F, Wind&Structures, J. Flow, Turbulence and Combustion
A special thanks to Alberto Zasso, BBAAVI Chairman, and to Guido Buresti, chairman of the Rectangular Cylinder session, who made this possible.
You can download here the documents presented at BBAAVI:

BARC flyer


BARC presentation


BARC poster


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