Flow-Induced Vibration in Civil & Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Luca Caracoglia visiting DICA, University of Perugia

Posted on by Vincenzo Picozzi


The University of Perugia is pleased to announce the PhD Course on ā€œFlow-Induced Vibration in Civil & Mechanical Engineeringā€.
The lectures will be held by Prof. Luca Caracoglia from Northeastern University (USA) at the Campus of Engineering in Perugia.

The course will introduce PhD students to the discipline that studies the interaction between structural mechanics, dynamics and vibration triggered by unsteady flow over a flexible structure.
This course provides the necessary background in vibrations, and next introduces the students to the basic principles that are common to the study of flow-induced vibration phenomena that are relevant to various engineering fields.
The interaction between flow and moving, flexible body can lead to static or dynamic instability which can result in system failure.
Calculated pressure loads significantly differ from decoupled structural system and fluid-dynamic field.

For more information see the attached flyer.

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