“Material barriers to the transport of momentum and vorticity in turbulence”

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Nonlinear dynamics plays a crucial role in Wind Engineering and the advent of CFD now easily allows to visualize flows in a detailed and possibly intuitive manner, even in the most complex cases. Unfortunately, the intuition we can obtain from CFD data visualization is often only qualitative and the definition itself of coherent structures, often used to describe vortices, falls short under careful scrutiny. In this seminar, Prof. Haller will provide us a gentle introduction to the formulation of observer-independent definitions of coherent structures, so guiding us in a re-examination of our intuitive understanding of vortical motion and dynamics.

The talk will take place by Teams platform on Friday, June 25th, 2021, 15:00-16:00 (CEST).

If you are not an ANIV-G participant, please register by sending us a message to specifying your given and family names from an address linked to your Microsoft Teams account.

Flyer of the event: Webinar G. Haller


Ph.D. course on “Risk Analysis, Resilience and Life Cycle Cost Assessment of Structures against Wind Hazards”

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Prof. Luca Caracoglia from Northeastern University (USA) will give a Ph.D. Course at University of Perugia on “Risk Analysis, Resilience and Life Cycle Cost Assessment of Structures against Wind Hazards”.

The course will present the latest developments in the field of performance-based engineering and resilience against wind hazards.

Course modules will focus on modeling of wind fields, turbulence and aerodynamic loads for structural engineering. Dynamic analysis methods will be applied to the structural response under random wind loads. Applications will discuss probability principles related to design of long-span bridges and tall buildings.

Further information can be found here


International Wind Engineering online monthly seminars

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Because of the Covid19 pandemic, opportunities for the international wind engineering community to meet physically have been very much restricted and are likely to remain so for at least the next year.

To enable the community to continue to interact with each other, at least in a virtual way, the University of Birmingham is organizing a series of six seminars via Zoom from October 2020 to March 2021.  These are sponsored by the IAWE and will hopefully have a significant international audience. Each seminar will last around an hour and a half to two hours, and will consist of a main speaker for around 30 minutes followed by further short contributions or a panel debate. There will also be an opportunity for online discussion by those attending.

For the complete list of seminars and for further details, please visit:

International Wind Engineering seminars 2020/21

Registration details, seminar programme and speaker and talk abstracts will be posted on each seminar’s webpage at the link above as they become available. Recordings of the presentations will also be posted after the seminars.

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