Ph.D. session @ IN-VENTO 2020 online event

Great success of the event organized by ANIV-G within the One-Day IN-VENTO 2020 online event

Posted on by Federico Canepa

During the last One-Day On-Line Event IN-VENTO 2020, a session devoted to Ph.D. students was organized by ANIV-G. ANIV-G is the group of young researchers within ANIV. Its goal is to promote cooperation in the Wind Engineering discipline, ease the exchange of ideas, support the spreading of knowledge, and favor contamination with other scientific communities.

The spirit of the Ph.D. session was to learn about each other’s research projects and encouraging collaboration. Seven high-quality presentations were given by young researchers, covering several aspects associated with Wind Engineering and highlighting challenges in investigating new topics. The session was followed by an average of 90 attendees, with about 45 members affiliated to ANIV-G. During the session, the QA sessions were opened by the audience providing interesting stimulus for new research ideas. The great success of this event strengthens the motivation of ANIV-G in further networking researchers and practitioners dealing with wind engineering applications worldwide.

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