ANIV term 2019-2023: Final statement

Posted on by Vincenzo Picozzi


Dear Members of the Italian Association for Wind Engineering,

in December 2019 the Steering Committee of the Association appointed me as ANIV President.

You can find here the summary of the activities carried out during the mandate. It will be your task to judge the obtained results, if any.

During the last four years, I attempted to serve ANIV at least at my best, not necessarily at the absolute very best, needless to say. In the effort to achieve the goal, I set myself to follow three main guidelines:

  1. Permanently put ANIV in the top three of my personal to-do list.
  2. Continuously act in between two successive meetings of the Steering Committee to implement the decisions of the previous one, and to prepare the debate within the following one.
  3. Listen more than talk during the above meetings.

My personal commitment would not be enough without the encouragement of the ANIV members, the collaboration of the colleagues of the Steering Committee, and the close support of Claudio Mannini (Secretary General) and Francesco Ricciardelli (Vice President up March 2023). I thank them both for the assistance, the intelligence, and the patience they had in me. I gratefully acknowledge the valuable spirit of service paid to ANIV by some young members: the past and present promoters of the group of young researchers ANIV-G (Cristoforo Demartino, Luca Patruno, Alessio Ricci, and Federico Canepa, Giulia Pomaranzi, Lorenzo Raffaele, respectively); the past and present web-communication managers (Federico Canepa, Giulia Pomaranzi, and Niccolò Barni, Vincenzo Picozzi, respectively). I believe ANIV is indebted with them for their fruitful and continuous commitment.

Second terms are often less enthusiastic and fruitful than the first ones. Past presidents very occasionally run the risk of being awkward presences. The viability of an Association is stimulated by new ideas and continuous renewing, especially if conceived and put in place by clever, generous and motivated members. In the light of the above, I declare in advance my unwillingness to a second term, and to be part of the next ANIV Steering Committee. Of course, it will be my full responsibility to ensure a smooth and effective handover with the future President.

In 2019 I run for office to return to the Italian wind engineering community the stimuli I received as researcher during my professional life, at least in small part. Four years later, at the end of the mandate, I must confess that I failed: once more, I got more than what I gave.


Fair winds to ANIV,

Luca Bruno
ANIV past President

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