ANIV-Std in a nutshell

ANIV-Std gathers ANIV members and other experts in the field taking active part in the drafting of Codes dealing with wind actions on structures and other related topics. Among these are the Eurocodes, the Italian Building Code, the National Research Council Instructions on wind actions and effects on structures.
ANIV-Std aims at promoting a coordination between existing and under-development regulations of interest in the area of Wind Engineering.

Active Participants

Francesco Ricciardelli
Università della Campania «L. Vanvitelli»

Master Degrees from the University of Napoli Federico II and form the University of Western Ontario, Ph.D. from the University of Napoli Federico II. Professor of Structural Engineering at the University of Campania L. Vanvitelli. He is involved in Code drafting at the National level (CNR-DT, UNI-CT021/SC1) and European level (CEN-TC250/SC1, CEN-TC250/SC1/WG1, CEN-TC250/SC1.T3, CEN-TC250/SC1.T6). Editor in Chief of Wind & Structures, an International Journal. Author of 170+ publications in the areas of Structural Engineering and Wind Engineering.

Gianni Bartoli
Università di Firenze

Luca Bruno
Politecnico di Torino

Vittorio Gusella
Università di Perugia

Giampiero Manara
Permasteelisa Group

Claudio Mannini
Università di Firenze

Giuseppe Piccardo
Università di Genova

Pierangelo Pistoletti
Seteco Ingegneria

Maria Pia Repetto
Università di Genova

Alberto Vintani
BCV Progetti srl

⥤ CNR-DT 207/2008

Guide for the assessment of wind actions and effects on structures
Issued by the Italian National Research Council, the document CNR-DT 207/2008 was originally written in Italian and then translated to English. It contains basic information concerning the physical characteristics of the wind action and wind induced response of structures, Principles and Rules for structural design, and a number of worked examples.

⥤ CNR-DT 207 R1/2018

Istruzioni per la valutazione delle azioni e degli effetti del vento sulle costruzioni
Updated version of the document CNR-DT 207/2008, it is currently available only in Italian and English translation is under way. It contains additional information with respect to the 2008 version, namely across-wind and torsional actions on slender members, fatigue loads and guidance for CFD simulations.

⥤  EN1991-1-4(2019): Wind actions

Eurocode 1 — Actions on structures — Part 1-4: General actions – Wind actions
In response to Mandate M/515 of the European Commission, CEN TC250 has started drafting the Second Generation Eurocodes; expected completion is in 2022.
Project Team SC1.T3 is responsible for drafting EN1991-1-4: Wind actions, whose final version will be available for discussion within TC250/SC1 in spring 2020.

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