ANIV-CWE about codification of CWE

Posted on by Vincenzo Picozzi


Is CWE codification needed face to its wide and increasing use within the design practice?

Can CWE be the subject of codification?

Does codification increase the risk of a non-conscious and uncritical use of CWE by practitioners?


The Special Interest Group on Computational Wind Engineering of the Italian Association for Wind Engineering (ANIV-CWE) gives its answers to these and other questions in the paper:

“Codes and standards on computational wind engineering for structural design: State of art and recent trends”

authored by: Luca Bruno, Nicolas Coste, Claudio Mannini, Alessandro Mariotti, Luca Patruno, Paolo Schito and Giuseppe Vario. 

The paper is included in the Special Issue “Codification of wind loading of structures” of Wind and Structures 37(2), available here for download in Open Access.

We wish you good reading!

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