A piece of ANIV in the 4th International Wind Engineering Seminar

Luca Caracoglia and Claudio Mannini will give a talk during the IAWE Seminar on "Developments in Bridge Aerodynamics"

Posted on by Federico Canepa

During the next International Wind Engineering Seminar organized by the University of Birmingham and sponsored by IAWE, two out of five invited speakers will be active members of ANIV, which confirms the international recognition of the Association. The seminar, which will be held on January 7th, 2021 at 13.00 (CEST), will focus on “Developments in Bridge Aerodynamics”. The two ANIV speakers will be Luca Caracoglia (North Eastern University, Boston, USA, “Relevance of Uncertainty Quantification to Study Wind Load Variability and its Effects on Long-Span Bridge Aeroelasticity”) and Claudio Mannini (University of Florence, Italy, “Nonlinear modelling of self-excited forces for a long-span bridge under turbulent wind”), while the other invited speakers of the seminar will be John Owen (main speaker), Steve Cai and Ole A. Øiseth.

The registration link for the seminar can be found at: registration_link

Further details, including the abstracts of the talk and the biographical details of the speakers, can be found at: talk_details

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