4-D Measurements of Windstorm Characteristics

Posted on by Vincenzo Picozzi


ANIV is pleased to disseminate the free webinar:


4-D Measurements of  Windstorm Characteristics
given by John Schroeder,
Senior Director, Wind Hazard and Infrastructure Performance Center (WHIP-C), Texas Tech University


on 14 feb 2024 06:00 p.m. CEST


Abstract. Effective mitigation of windstorm risk demands an improved understanding of the engineering-relevant aspects of near-surface winds. Texas Tech University (TTU) has been making measurements of hurricanes, thunderstorms and tornados for over two decades using several technologies including the rapidly deployable fleet of StickNet platforms as well as various weather radar technologies. Recent efforts have been focused on using radar measurements to extract engineering-relevant parameters.  This webinar will give an update on our measurement program and also provide a summary of our latest results.


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